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101 Things to love about Oakland

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! The kids are back and school and summer is unofficially over. We had a great August and was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii twice! Once with our friends and the other time with our family. It was a nice break from our daily grind and spend a great deal of continuous time with our daughter. Seeing her smiles as she is running back and forth from the water makes everything we do all worth it.

I am sure you are hearing a lot about the R word. Recessions are a normal part of the business cycle and we should not be overly worried. I think we all have the last recession fresh in our minds and are expecting something similar, but history tells us otherwise. In fact, according to CoreLogic, in the last 5 recessions, home values rose in 3. In the other recession where home values did decline, it was by a modest 1.9%.

The Greater Oakland-Berkeley, Inner East Bay Real Estate Market Report

Market activity usually slows during the late summer months, then spikes back up for the relatively short autumn selling season.

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Bidding Wars Plummet as Bay Area Housing Market Cools

Despite drops, Bay Area market is still among the nation’s most competitive

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The 25 most expensive U.S. cities to live in

New York City’s Manhattan and San Francisco are the most expensive places to live in the United States

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101 Things to Love about Oakland

A love letter to The Town

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Renovations That Don’t Add Resale Value To Your Home

When you’re trying to re-sell, the wrong renovation can have a long-term cost you probably didn’t think about.

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The most (and least) reliable appliance brands in every category

When it comes to buying home appliances—regardless of the amount of research we door reviews we read—we still hope we purchased one that’s reliable.

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